As of about noon today, I have officially finished my first year of college! One last exam to make the slow crawl toward summer even slower, but it was an easy one at least so I have that going for me.

Today was also the last last day of acting school. Okay, I know I said yesterday was, but that was my last day of classes, today was my last day of anything acting related.



That’s All For Now, Folks!

Yesterday (yes, this post is late, we were out celebrating last night–sue me) was our final day of acting school for the year! Hurray!

The moment is bittersweet: I’m going to miss training and creating scenes with my friends, but I was also very much burnt out and annoyed with it all, so it’s time for a break.

And that’s not to say that this is the end, either–I still have another year of training next year! So this is more of a hiatus than an ending.


Coasting Into The Finish Line

Today in acting…there was no acting school. Sorry friends, no update–I saw my movement and voice profs for the last time on Monday at our interviews.

I spent the day catching up on sleep, studying for my exam on Friday, and watching Spider-man: Homecoming. Great movie. Love me some Tom Holland.


I’m Not Scared Of You!

That’s what I want to yell at my auditions moving forward, because after this final unit in them, I’m really not scared of auditions anymore!

Well, okay, maybe that’s not totally true–the stakes are a lot higher when you’re auditioning for an actual job, and not just a fraction of a grade, but the point is: I can handle this.


Love And Information At Canadian Stage

Hello friends! Tonight, I finally got to see Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information. Y’know, that play my class spent a semester working on? That one!

It was a field trip organized by my voice prof, and it kind of turned into an end-of-term celebration.

The show’s being presented at Canadian Stage here in Toronto. It features 48 of the 58 scenes, including 6 of the optional scenes, I believe (more on that later), and featured a cast of 8 actors, if I counted correctly.


Actor’s Karma

I want to talk about something that I’m increasingly beginning to believe in and that’s actor’s karma. Or rather, artist’s karma. However you choose to apply it across the board.

I think it’s incredibly important to support your friends’ art. It is. I look back at my time in university, to all the open mic nights, plays, poetry reads, etc. that I was invited to and didn’t attend. And I had reasons: money, schoolwork, actual work. But more and more I wonder how much those were just excuses, reasons I gave myself to get out of watching my friends’ art. Supporting their creative ventures.