Demo Shoots, Take Two

Tonight, we filmed our first round of monologue demos. The pressure was high, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen our class so nervous.

We had a test run in our class. We all got one take to film our monologues and then we watched them on the monitors together.




For our final day with one of our prof, she led us through a novel exercise. Today, we were typecast.


T’was The Night Before Christmas

We had a Christmas party in our voiceover class, but the best part was the lesson.

We tried our hand at working with limited microphones, but with the entire class. Sound hectic yet?



I finally got to see the first years perform tonight! They did their salon, their presentation of their animal-inspired monologues, and they crushed it!


Burnt Out

I finished class just after 4 today, came home (after swinging on the swings for a bit), quickly whipped together dinner (not at all tasty, by the way), and sat down with the intention of doing some reading for school.

And I passed right out.


“At Least Three Olives”

Today marks one week out from recording our monologue demos, and this is honestly the one I’m most stressed about. This is the footage that will truly showcase me and what I can do to prospective agents and it’s so high-pressure, I’m sweating.


Agent Hunting

Our assignment for our business class tomorrow is to check out agencies in Toronto and come up with a list of five that we like, and a reason why.

For me, this isn’t so simple.