That’s All, Folks!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen–with this post, I conclude my journey through acting school.

That’s right–today was my last day.


Premiere Premiere

Little bit of French to kick this post off–I had my first film premiere tonight!


A Whatever Kind Of Wednesday

We presented our last piece for acting school today. It was a self-devised project where we were given three minutes and free reign.


Last Item On The To-Do List

Demo monologues are done! We filmed the last one tonight.

Which means–I’m technically done acting school!


Dwindling Down

It’s getting pretty quiet around here. We only had one class today–since I elected not to go to the optional afternoon one.


Her Smell

I hit the Lightbox again last night with my old roommate because I still have a bunch of leftover volunteer vouchers.